Functional Properties

All our fruit drinks and dairy drinks contain added vitamins and minerals to give you that extra support. See the properties per flavour below.

Cleansing Cranberry – Helps your immune system and feeds your skin from within.

Vitamin B3 feeds your skin (from within). Vitamin C for internal skincare and to help protect your body’s cells from external influences. Vitamin E supports the body’s natural defence system.

Protecting Pomegranate – Has a positive effect on your resistance.

Vitamins B11 and B12 play a positive role in your immune system. Vitamin B6 helps the body make immune cells and vitamin C helps strengthen your resistance.

Relaxing Pomegranate Raspberry – Helps build resistance to stress.

Vitamins B6 and B12 are good for your mood and help achieve good mental balance. Vitamin B11 helps build your resistance to stress.

Reloading Blueberry Raspberry – Good for concentration and extra energy.

Vitamin B5 supports you during busy periods, vitamins B6 and B8 help with concentration and vitamin C helps give an energy boost to reduce fatigue.

Calming Watermelon – Good for your mood and mental balance.

Vitamin B5 helps you cope with tension and exertion in stressful situations. Vitamins B6 and B8 are good for your mood and help maintain a good mental balance.

Hydrating Coconut Water – Contributes to fitness and helps you maintain a good fluid balance.

Vitamin C can help enhance sport performance, support energy levels and help the immune system.

Energising Blood Orange – Helps give an energy boost.

Vitamin B1 supports energy levels. Vitamins B2 and B3 help give an energy boost to reduce fatigue. Vitamin C activates your body’s natural energy.

Powerful Kefir – Supports your energy levels and muscle power.

Proteins for bigger/stronger muscles, to build muscles and improve muscle strength and calcium to support energy levels.

Conditions for the use of vitamin claims:

The claim may only be used for foods that are at least a source of vitamin X as referred to in the claim SOURCE OF [NAME OF THE VITAMIN(S)] AND/OR [NAME OF THE MINERAL/S], as stated in Directive (EC) no. 1924/2006.


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