Healthy People


Healthy People likes to surprise you. We bring special flavours, extraordinary fruits and new products to the market. We like to produce delicious products for our consumers, which are also a source of good nutrients. And all of them are 100% natural!

Have you ever heard of coconut water a few years ago? Tropical, low in calories, natural isotonic and delicious in smoothies.

And do you already know Kefir? A fresh dairy drink according to traditional recipe, rich in protein and with active kefir cultures. Drink it on-the-go, pour it on your muesli or mix it with fruit in a blender!


One day, we realized we were stuck with our food patterns. Why does a kids menu mostly consist of fries without any veggies? Why is there so much candy that doesn’t contain any good nutrients? Why do we ‘miss’ something if we don’t eat meat?

It was time for positive food; to enjoy healthy food that also tastes great. And so the company Healthy People was born. Good ideas discussed at the kitchen table became reality. Created for and by Healthy People, to help people with a positive and healthy lifestyle live their best life. People who are aware that healthy nutrition, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, is important.  

Comments from our fans

Dear healthy people-team, do you have any plans on expanding your business to Germany? I would very much appreciate if I could buy your products over here. Thanks for a quick feedback.


Hi! I live in Belgium and am a super fan of your juices! I used to buy them in Antwerp, in Albert Heijn but since I moved to Brussels cannot find them anymore. Could you tell me if you have any resellers in Brussels? Thank you!


Hello healty People team, I really love your products and wanted to ask if healthy people will also be available in Germany or if there is a way to order products online. I’m really addicted to your coconut water now haha. Thank you!


Hello! Days ago, I tried your coconut water. Very tasty! :-)) Can I order it from you to deliver it to Germany? 



Ik heb het blueberry and raspberry sap onlangs gekocht en ik vind het erg lekker.


Beste mensen, Wil even zeggen dat ik zojuist een hele zak honing zeezout amandelen opgegeten heb. De smaak is heerlijk!!!!


Hallo, Ik wil jullie graag eens een compliment geven voor jullie heerlijke sapjes, wij kopen ze nu al bijna 2 jaar en zijn er dol op, onze kinderen ook, naast dat ze heel lekker zijn vinden we het ook belangrijk dat het gezond is ook voor de kinderen. Dus namens ons gewoon even een bedankje dat jullie dit mogelijk maken


Hallo Ik wil jullie feliciteren met jullie Kefir. Hij is heerlijk! Ik ben er gewoon verslaafd aan! Ik moet mezelf een limiet opleggen of ik zou er dagelijks liters van drinken! Topproduct