Vegan Smoothies

Discover our new vegan smoothies.
These fulfilling smoothies have an unique addition of caffeine, protein and raw cacao.

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After the successful introduction of kefir, Healthy People now introduces the newest countries yogurt drink in the category “dairies of the world”: Laban.

Laban is a thick liquid, slightly sour, carbonated dairy drink. Laban is a fermented milk drink that is very popular in the Middle East and North Africa. There Laban is traditionally drunk to add water and salts to the body.

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Healthy People Raw snacks

Our new Raw Snack range in a convenient snack pack packaging! For on the road, at the office or as an addition in your breakfast bowl. A varied combination of nuts and dried fruits. So pure, it’s hard to find a more tasty snack. These snacks are available in three surprising flavours: Figs, Cacao & Nuts, Bananas, Cocos & Nuts and Dates & Nuts.

A source of vitamins and minerals

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Kefir on the go

Our fresh, slightly acidic and sparkling kefir is now also available in an easy bottle for on-the-go (250ml). With the same amount of active kefir cultures!

Also available in refreshing mango flavour!

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Ginger & Honey

Discover our latest introduction. A delicious low calorie drink with the taste of ginger and honey. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, a perfect summer drink!

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