It’s important to us that we make a positive contribution to the environment and to our global society.

That’s why we work hard every single day to make our products more sustainable. But we think it’s even more important that you feel good about enjoying our delicious feel-good fruits.

“Because together we can keep making our planet more sustainable, sip by sip. Read how we’re doing this below!”

Sustainable juice from sustainable fruit

Our fruit comes from countries with a climate that enhances both the ripening process and the delicious flavour. After harvesting most fruit is pureed immediately before being concentrated. This preserves the flavour of the fresh fruit as much as possible. During concentration, we use a heat treatment to remove part of the water from the juice, which reduces the juice volume by 83% and makes our transport more efficient and sustainable. You actually only need one vessel to transport concentrate whereas five vessels are needed to transport the same amount of juice not made from concentrate (NFC). Once the juice arrives in our factory, we dilute the fruit concentrate with the same amount of water we removed. This means that concentrate is a lot less harmful to the environment!

We do everything we can to grow our fruit sustainably. The fruit we process in our juices comes from regions where economic and social conditions are often rather poor and, as we want to help improve this situation, we have joined large-scale projects in partnership with our suppliers We’ve been working hard for years to promote environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and profitable production chains. Through such programmes we’re helping farmers improve the natural environment, social and economic conditions, local communities and working conditions.

A sustainable juice also needs sustainable packaging

That’s why our Healthy People 1 litre packs now come in new sustainable packaging. This packaging comprises 82% plant-based material (or renewable material) and is produced using FSC certified cardboard and fully traceable plant-based plastic produced from sugar cane. To protect our juices from light and oxygen, the inside is finished with a wafer-thin layer of aluminium.

Our packaging is also 100% recyclable. After recycling the carton can be made into an egg box, the plastics can be used to make buckets and the aluminium is reused for new drink packaging.

All these sustainability steps help reduce our CO2 emissions as well as ensuring that the drink cartons are given a second lease of life. Basically, we’re doing everything we can to work towards a circular economy.

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