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Why have you changed the Healthy People packaging design?

Our new, contemporary packaging has been revamped, making it a better match for our brand. We hope you’ll be just as happy with it as we are! The packaging is now also largely plant-based, so it’s better for people and the environment; something we’re incredibly proud of!

Where does Healthy People fruit come from?

Healthy People juices are made from the very best fruit, which is why our cranberries and blueberries come from Canada and our apples are from Italy and Poland.
If you have a question about the origin of a specific type of fruit, please feel free to contact us via info@healthypeople.nl.

Are Healthy People products vegan?

All Healthy People juices are suitable for vegans. Our Kefir is a dairy product and is therefore not suitable for vegans.

What is juice from concentrate?

In juice from concentrate, water is extracted from the fruit juice, resulting in a thick fluid that enables the juice to be transported more efficiently. After transporting, the concentrate is diluted with water and other ingredients are added. This helps us carefully preserve the vitamins and other healthy substances in the concentrate.

Does Healthy People contain preservatives?

No. All Healthy People products in packs are free from preservatives. Healthy People products are briefly heated to extend the shelf life.

Can I drink Healthy People drinks if I’m fructose intolerant?

All our juices contain fruit juice and therefore fruit sugar. We are currently not planning to develop juices without fruit juice (and therefore without fructose).

Do Healthy People products contain gluten, lactose or other allergens?

Healthy People Kefir is dairy product and contains lactose, but all our other products are free from allergens such as gluten and lactose.

What’s the best time of day to drink Healthy People juices?

It’s best to drink Healthy People juices when you’re ready for a bit of me time. Our juices are so drinkable that you can enjoy our delicious feel-good fruits at any time of the day.


Can I freeze Healthy People products?

No. Unfortunately Healthy People products cannot be frozen. We cannot guarantee our product quality if you freeze our drinks.

How long can I store Healthy People products?

You can store our products for a few weeks before opening. The date stated on the Healthy People packaging gives an accurate indication of the product’s shelf life. After opening, the product will stay fresh for a few days if stored chilled at between 5°C and 7°C.

Can I drink Healthy People products after the expiry date?

No. We do not recommend drinking our products after the expiry date. We can no longer guarantee product quality once the date on the packaging has expired.

Where can I buy Healthy People products?

You can buy Healthy People almost everywhere! We aim to have our products available at as many different supermarket chains and stores as possible. We recommend that you visit supermarket chain websites to determine the exact availability of our products.

Do you sell fruit drinks in on-the-go packaging?

The on-the-go packaging is currently only sold through out-of-home clients but our out-of-home packaging will soon also be available from Albert Heijn To Go. And if you’re taking a flight, it’s good to know that Healthy People out-of-home products are also sold by Transavia!

Does the addition of vitamins make the juice healthy?

The added vitamins top up your daily vitamin intake and support your current diet.

What should I do with the empty drink cartons?

Our drink cartons are made from fully recyclable material and can be deposited in the plastic waste bin or bag.

How are the Healthy People carton packs recycled?

Materials from recycled drink cartons can be given a second lease of life! They can be used to make paper tissues, cornflake boxes or egg boxes.

I’ve got a great idea for Healthy People. How can I share it?

That’s great! We’d love to hear from you! You can share your ideas with us via our contact form on this website or send us a message directly via info@healthypeople.nl, Instagram or Facebook.


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